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June 11th, 2011 · No Comments · Blog

When you’re late to the party you take what’s left. In the world of the web, that means you don’t get the snazzy “.com” domain name these days, unless your name is Snveroeh Qwerhtprdzski or something unique like that. I’ve had various blogs before and still have a couple others going, but wanted one now devoted to my writing, with the release of The Greatest Show on Dirt on the horizon (February 2012). Of course, I couldn’t even get thegreatestshowondirt.com, because someone already has it (completely unrelated to my book). So I’m stuck with jamesbailey.us. Beyond .com or .net, .us seems to be as good an option as anything left. It’s patriotic, right? So read my blog if you’re patriotic. And buy my book. It’s about baseball, after all, and what’s more American than that?

There are approximately eight months left until The Greatest Show on Dirt releases, and that was timed to correspond with the opening of spring training. I could have gone with an April release for Opening Day, but that seems to be the default for most baseball books, so I figured I’d get a jump on things. As a reviewer of baseball books for BaseballAmerica.com, I find it mildly vexing that all the spring releases come out so close together. Considering most publishers don’t want reviews to appear early, that leaves a big block of empty time before releases start hitting the shelves in March. So I’m doing my part to fill that void.

Over the coming months I’ll share thoughts and experiences as I prepare the book for release. At this point it’s virtually ready to go. The text has been revised and edited a number of times and I feel pretty good about where it is. The cover is ready, at least for advance copies. The next step is sending it out to some kind and willing authors who will be blurbing it for me. Once that’s done, we can finalize the cover and get it ready to send out for reviews, which I’m targeting for January, just prior to the release.

Meanwhile, I’m writing the next book, which I haven’t yet named. It’s another baseball novel, but completely different from Dirt, so in no way any kind of sequel. I’m about 82,000 words through the first draft at the moment, making slow and steady progress. I should finish that sometime this summer. Then it will be time to start rewriting, which is really when the fun part begins. Judging by Dirt, which I first began more than four years ago, it will be quite some time before the next one is ready for anyone else’s eyes. I’m optimistic it won’t take four years, but I learned enough from the last go-round that I won’t ask anyone else to read it until I feel pretty good about the shape it’s in. I started with a more structured outline this time around, and it shouldn’t require as many significant rewrites to get it where it needs to go, but it takes as long as it takes, so I have no guesses as to when it will be done.



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