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Channeling Charlie Brown for the Local Author Extravaganza

December 12th, 2014 · No Comments · Nine Bucks a Pound, The Greatest Show on Dirt

Book signing events are usually better in concept than reality. It’s nice to imagine that long line of readers, queuing up for the chance to purchase one of your books, you personalize a short message, pose for a photo, keep the line moving. Then you wake up and realize you’ve nodded off at the table because no one has approached for the past 20 minutes.

I was fortunate enough to be invited out to the Lift Bridge Book Shop a couple of times back in 2012, the year The Greatest Show on Dirt came out. Sales were modest, but it’s nice to be asked all the same. The first time it was just me, at one of their Saturday Author Salons. I think I sold two copies in two hours. Mildly humbling. The second time was for a multi-author event during the Brockport Arts Festival. I had to park a good half mile away because Main Street was blocked off and there were tons of people there. I, optimistically, hauled a rather large box of books from my car to the store, wishing at some point that I’d brought a wagon to pull it in.

I say “optimistically,” but it was more like, well, I better bring a bunch, just in case. I didn’t really expect to sell 25 copies, or whatever the box held. It was like Charlie Brown bringing a briefcase to the Valentine’s Day party, to hold all the cards he didn’t get. And then after Violet and Lucy show up a couple of days later and give him a used Valentine, he decides he’ll need two briefcases the following year. Dream big, right. I sold four copies that afternoon, including one to a neighbor and one to a co-worker.

Sunday I’ll be heading back out to Brockport, to participate in Lift Bridge’s Annual Local Author Extravaganza. I’m going to keep it real this time. Well, within reason. I’ll bring 10 copies of each book. I’ll probably return with eight copies of each, but you never know. Maybe something crazy will happen and there will be a crowd of baseball novel lovers on hand. It could happen.

If you’ve still got shopping to do, stop on out Sunday afternoon between 1 and 4 and say hello. Books make great Christmas gifts.

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