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Dinosaurs, prime numbers, and fanboys

June 18th, 2014 · No Comments · Writing

I read slowly these days. Actually, I read at the same speed I’ve always read, I just take forever to get through books because I spend so much time working on my own. I used to get through about a book a week. Nowadays it’s more like a book a month or maybe longer. I can’t even remember when I started Thirteen Moons, but it was at least two moons ago and I’m only half done. Though in fairness I have taken time out to read two other books. Thirteen Moons is well written, it’s just boring, which is why it gets bumped when something more enticing comes along.

The latest book to bump it was Dinosaurs and Prime Numbers, by Tom Moran, which I discovered last Friday when I followed a link to a story about how the Guardian (a British newspaper) honored it as their first self-published book of the month. Several reviews on Amazon compared it to Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy, by Douglas Adams, one of my all-time favorite series. So I bought it and started reading. I had to figure out how to synch my Kindle with the Kindle app on my phone (it wasn’t difficult), because I kept wanting to read it whenever I had a free moment. I was hooked from the start all the way through the finish.

I turned into a fanboy, thinking of people I know who might like it as I read. When I finished I posted reviews on Amazon and Goodreads and a pitch for it on Facebook. All for a book by a guy I’d never heard of five days ago. I’ve had a couple of readers evangelize about my books a bit, including one who bought half a dozen copies of The Greatest Show on Dirt to send it to friends of his. (I thanked him with a free copy of Nine Bucks a Pound when it came out this spring.) Every once in a blue moon I get an email or a Tweet from someone who writes to say they enjoyed one of my books. (That definitely makes an author’s day, by the way.) But I’m not sure I’ve moved any/many readers like I was inspired to spread the word on Dinosaurs and Prime Numbers.

So, well done, Tom Moran. You’ve given me a new goal: turn a reader into a proselytizing fanboy.

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