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Talking baseball and Nine Bucks a Pound on The Stuart Bedasso Show

March 11th, 2014 · No Comments · Nine Bucks a Pound

I had a chance this past weekend to catch up with an old friend as a guest on his podcast, The Stuart Bedasso Show (Link: http://www.stuartbedasso.com/2014/03/new-show-were-talking-baseball.html). Normal topics run the digital gamut from politic to sexuality, beer, and lately gardening, but we talked about baseball and publishing, particularly my new novel, Nine Bucks a Pound. While I have a long way to go before I can claim to be anything near smooth on the radio (or podcast) I was pleasantly surprised when listening back to the recording that I was well this side of horrible. At times I actually sounded almost like I knew what I was doing. I was clearly at my best when I had a particular story to tell or point to drive home.

I had several opportunities to sit in on Batavia Muckdogs broadcasts with my friend Matthew Coller last summer and got a bit more comfortable each time out. He was kind enough to plug the hell out of The Greatest Show on Dirt every time I joined him. Hard to say how much that helped sales given the reach of an average Batavia broadcast, but it couldn’t have hurt.

It’s nice to have friends in radio. TV would be nice, too. Just saying. Hey, Bob Costas, those are some spiffy shoes you got there. Need a fill-in guest?

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