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Nine Bucks a Pound: Cover reveal

December 13th, 2013 · No Comments · Branded, Nine Bucks a Pound

Nine Bucks a PoundAt long last, it’s time to unveil the cover of my second novel, Nine Bucks a Pound. Over the summer I envisioned this being ready well before December. I tend to plan ahead for just about everything, sometimes unrealistically so. I can see things bursting into being months ahead of their realistic birthdays. Some of the delay is due to external forces, some of it is on me. Mainly my indecisiveness regarding the name of the book.

Even once I realized Branded was well played out, I kept coming back to it because it’s what I’d called this manuscript for well over two years. It was all that really fit, at least in my head. So I came up with Nine Bucks a Pound and it seemed to work, but somewhere, in the hind quarters of my brain, doubts lingered, occasionally gathering critical mass and storming the fortress walls. “How about this one?” I kept badgering one particular co-worker. When he finally responded to one of my emails with a simple, “my condolences to your wife,” I realized it was time to get off the pot.

So here we are. Nine Bucks a Pound. Will it need some explaining? Possibly. Though as my friend pointed out, who would pick To Kill a Mockingbird off the shelf and know by its spine just what was in store? The artwork on the cover, that needle-wielding bobblehead, should do most of the heavy lifting here. Anyone who lays eyes on him and can’t immediately sense what’s in store is loitering well beyond the fringes of my target audience.

We’re getting to the part of the program where my nerves take over and I get a little twisty inside when I anticipate the release, which, if all goes well, is now just 2 1/2 months on the horizon. There’s so much to do in the interim, not least of which is getting serious about starting in on book #3.


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